Our mission is to help nonprofit entrepreneurs do the good they do . . . better.

At The Thomas Scott Company we believe much of the good accomplished in the world is a result of hard working nonprofit entrepreneurs. It’s hard to imagine our world without the selfless devotion of the god people in education, youth development, health care, faith formation, disaster relief, or any of a myriad of other essential services. We’re committed to these people and the important organizations they represent.

Our focus is a fresh approach to every challenge and a personal relationship with every client.

No two nonprofits are the same. Some nonprofits have a very local focus while others are international in scope; some are motivated by the plight of the poor, and there are others whose hearts are captivated by the poverty of the soul. With these diversities in mind, The Thomas Scott Company approaches each new client as a unique opportunity with particular challenges. We refuse to cookie-cutter solutions.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Capital Campaigns
  • Major Donor Development
  • Grant Funding
  • Board Development and Revitalization
  • Organizational Management Optimization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Conflict Intervention and Management
  • Mediation

You can call us at 615-708-0140. Or email us at: info@ThomasScottCo.com